mini driving experience classes

MINIs are happiest when sliding around a track and being pushed to their limit. Take a class with us, and our professional driving instructors will show you how to extract maximum smiles per hour.

Mini Driving Experience At South Carolina

This action-packed half-day course gets you into a John Cooper Works MINI on our track. Start with a sample of four different MINI models on our track as you drive them back-to-back in our Performance Drive. After your heart rate goes up, hop in for the Handling Course, which shows off the unique handling attributes that make MINIs such fun. Then it’s on to competitive Timed Autocross laps. End the event with a hot lap with one of our pro driving instructors, where the smiles come as fast as the day goes.

Price: $499

Times: 8:30AM-12PM, or 1PM-4:30PM


A half day with a whole lot of fun. Get in and get familiar with your MINI in short order, then get on the track for some handling, braking and autocross exercises. Try to keep up with our instructors as they take the lead position and guide you around the course. End the session with a hot lap, where an instructor will show you exactly what a MINI can do.

Price: $499

Times: 8:30AM-12PM, or 1PM-4:30PM

Available at Thermal location only.

mini autocross and track school

Start your day with a buzz your morning coffee could never provide. You’ll slide behind the wheel of a MINI and take it for a spin on our warm-up slalom, then head into panic braking from increasing speeds. We keep the excitement up with wet skid pad training and emergency lane change maneuvering, then bring it all together for our handling course, where you’ll develop a true feel for the limit of traction. Finally, hop in for a hot lap with our instructors as they put an exclamation point on the day.

Price: $750

Times: 8AM-4PM

Available at Thermal location only.

mini stunt driving school

You’re the star in this scene. Begin with autocross basics like the slalom, panic braking and wet skid pad training. After lunch, it’s lights, camera, traction. Practice how to do J-turns into parking spaces using the hand brake to slide, then hold on tight as you feel the exhilaration of the Reverse-Turn, spinning 180 degrees to drive off in the opposite direction. Put your skills together for a timed stunt lap, then hop in with our instructor as they show you some of their skills behind the wheel.

Price: $750

Times: 8AM-4PM

Available at Thermal location only.

Course Highlights

forward 180 j-turn

Hit the gas and motor straight, then pull the e-brake, turn the wheel and 180 into a coned-off parking space. Valets will never look at you the same way again.


A bootlegger special, the J-turn has you starting out driving in a straight line. Pull the e-brake, cut the wheel, and before you know it, you’ll be pirouetting with ease until the car is pointing 180 degrees from the start. Then, take off in the opposite direction, minus pursuing authority figures.


Learn to brake hard from speeds up to 55mph while navigating a corner. Sounds easy: it isn’t.

reverse turn

You’ll feel like a real stunt driver after this one. Start driving in a straight line, then pull the e-brake to lock the rear wheels. Do a 180 degree turn, then hit the gas and motor away in the same direction. Wearing cool-looking sunglasses is optional.


Take a literal spin on our polished concrete skid pad. Wet down constantly, the wet polished surface prevents full grip from being achieved, which means under- and oversteer conditions for you, the driver. Perfect for learning how the MINI handles at the limit of adhesion.


Students will get an overall feel for a MINI as they drive through our handling course. Developing a feel for the limit of traction while accelerating, braking and cornering, it’s an exercise aimed at overall car control.

Mini fun, now in two locations


Fast turns, a back straight perfect for speed exercises and a polished wet concrete skid pad make our Spartanburg track the perfect place to hone your driving skills.


Set against the backdrop of a beautiful mountain range, The Thermal Club is an exclusive track that offers three unique layouts, plus our own challenge course to encourage maximum thrills.